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What To Do If You Are Arrested For Drug Possession

If you are arrested and charged with drug possession in Minneapolis, you’re probably frightened and unsure what steps to take next. It seems that you are guilty until proven innocent in today’s world, but much of that is due to the inexperienced many people have in the legal system. With the information here, however, it is easy to stay calm and take the less stressful steps after arrest. Exactly what should you do in this situation?

First, you must remember to remain silent when you are arrested. Do not answer questions or divulge unnecessary information to the officers before and after arrival at the jail. This is a time to invoke your rights because when you talk, that information will be used against you when it is time to appear in court. Remain silent and there is nothing that can be said when it is time to go to court.

If you have only a small amount of marijuana in your possession or have other minor amounts of drugs in your possession, it is best to inform the officer upfront rather than try to lie your way out of things. It is possible to get a ticket for cannabis possession without going to jail, but only when you’re an honest, polite person.

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